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dimon. a fox business exclusive with former aig chief, hank. a fox business exclusive with a solution to block the biggest problem on twitter. the ultimate spoiler alert. stay out. ling -- linked in. the oldest profession in the world is getting cut out by linkedin. "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now. ♪ liz: good afternoon, everybody. i am liz claman. welcome to countdown to "the closing bell." it is the last hour of trading
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for the day. fifty-two week highs today. if you are in stocks, we hope you are making money. chevron, boeing, johnson and johnson looking very good today. trip advisor, whirlpool, directv, if the s&p closes higher, it will be the eighth record close in just nine days. the list of winners today is very long. a grand total of 140 stocks. just about half that many have hit all-time highs. let's look at some of those. we have macy's, starbucks, google and mastercard. they are all part of this today. we had banks looking very strong as well.
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bank of america, citigroup, goldman sachs, wells fargo, those names are all moving higher. analysts that we spoke with say there is no fundamental reason for today's move other than good old fashioned momentum. we are not going to say it was our interview. the market is too huge for that. let's get to our traders. let's find out, to what do we attribute such a strong game? the high is about 99 points to the upside. john. >> i think this kind of contributes to what we were thinking about last week. coming into this week, earning season is winding down. what was going to drive this market -- it is a headline
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market. no real headlines that are happening today, investors do not see the reason to hit the sell button. it tends to move higher and higher. it starts picking up steam. little by little, we are up 100 points. this is the same psyche we have seen over the last three or four months. i cannot pick out or anticipate a headline that will really derailed this market right now. we still talk about europe. we have stopped talking about north korea. there is nothing that will really move us at this point. liz: john is saying what the smart people are saying. this is a market that is so much bigger than one interview, one headline. and that of so-called market watchers have come on this show.
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you talk about some of the big bears out there. they look really stupid having said six-nine months ago it is over. >> i agree with your previous guest completely. there is no reason to get short in this market. we do not have any major headline risks there. i am a little uncomfortable with adding positions. that does not mean that i am bearish by any means. i think it is an opportunity to buy more because i look at fundamentals. the numbers that we have last friday were better. i think it illuminated some of the concerns that we had in the previous weeks. let's see how that goes. liz: there is another tale and in that would be dropping oil prices. hopefully that translate into the products. our inventory is 16 million barrels above where they were last year. there is really no reason other
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than that. behavior that sometimes the traders exhibit for this number to go higher. >> i agree with what you are there is movement afoot against the united states. we are banned from exporting oil. i think now, you know, they want to turn wti back into a benchmark, especially here. i think they are on their way to doing it. they will have to change some laws to make oil more available. i come on here about once a week. the stock market has been going higher and higher. even these other guys have been saying i am weary. this is where you feel it. all your other guests are saying by it, buy it, buy it. buy and sell is not really the way to go.
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liz: i think that is dan's point. if you do see a pullback, maybe it is time to get in. good to see you, gentlemen. thank you very much. we love you on the floor show. we get the real story for the traders about what is moving this market. perhaps, maybe it is when the rich guys get involved in stocks. daniel low calling to split up a name everybody i know out there knows. that is sony. nicole petallides on the new york stock exchange with how sony is reacting to this very focused call by daniel low. nicole: we are seeing the stock moving to new annual highs today. the stock right now is up. it traded as high as 22.23. by the way, they have a huge stake in sony.
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they are saying spin it off. obviously, they are a film studio. even so, he would be willing to put up more money in order to do this. about a fifth of maybe up to almost $2 billion in order to do that. what is interesting is back in 2007, this was a $60 stock. obviously, it is great to see it jumping here, but people who have held it for the long-term. liz: doesn't this amaze you that it took -- splitting up the company to even move the needle. nicole: right. i remember when we had the ceo on. that was really the main
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question. liz: unbelievable. nicole: i have them all. liz: thank you very much. to major stories unfolding in washington, d.c. peeling off and onion layer. just moments ago, the "wall street journal" reported that the wall street department is launching a criminal investigation into the criminal investigation service. let's begin with rich edson. this has been an afternoon of difficult questions for the administration. the white house offering very little in the response of targeting groups. congressional aides say then commissioner and then deputy commissioner and current acting
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irs commissioner found out about the targeting of conservative groups last may and failed to detail the irs's scrutiny until now even though the irs admitted mistakes were made and the white house is holding off on further comment. >> is it true that there was a knowing effort to target specific organization, as reported, that would be outrageous in the president's view. there would be consequences. >> we now have focused the attention of everyone, including all of you, on the links to which the administration will undergo to quiet the voices of its critics. >> democrats are also demanding investigations, including max baucus. they hold this issue friday.
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liz: now, we get to the associated press story where apparently, people in the government were looking at reporters phone logs. peter barnes, this is obviously disturbing to us. peter: let's get back to that press conference. he confirmed today that he recused himself from this case last year. he was interviewed by the fbi about it. he felt there would be a conflict of interest if he also oversaw this investigation. he turned the matter over. they have been conducting a criminal investigation into an ap story about a foiled terrorist plot. >> i do not know all that went into the formulation of the subpoena. this was a very serious week.
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a very serious leak. i have been a prosecutor since 1976 and i have to say that this is him him, if not the most serious top two or three that i have ever seen. it put the american people at risk. peter: in a letter back to the associated press today they defended the case saying it issued the subpoena for phone records only after conducting 550 interviews. he said the subpoena was limited to a reasonable period of time and did not seek the content of any cause. he also says he believes that the department of justice struck the proper balance. liz: i do not want them looking at sources on my phone. they can see who it is, it does not matter what the content is.
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liz: i am with you. i am a reporter like you. liz: closing bell ringing in 49 minutes. do you like netflix? wait until you hear which one accounts for one third of all streaming happening on the web. the others are not even close. jamie dimon fighting to hold onto the chairman and ceo position. they will vote in just one week. one guy is in his corner having been battered himself. hank greenberg coming up next in a fox business exclusive on where he stands in the jamie dimon ring. ♪ this is america.
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liz: mark your calendar.
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this is better thhn any cbs or fox drama. one week from today, shareholders will vote whether to split jamie dimon rolls. never before have there been this kind of focus with this many bigwigs and business taking focus on the issue. hank greenberg has warned both past. he is now here to defend jamie dimon. >> absolutely. he has done an outstanding job as ceo and chairman. why would you cancel his success. he has had record earnings. i just do not understand why you would want to do that. why shareholders would support that. they benefit from his leadership. there are critics and people out there who say companies get into trouble when there is too much power.
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particularly, thanks. what would you say to them about that. i feel the same way you do, at least in this case, but there are other companies where they could really benefit from splitting the chairman and ceo jobs. >> there may be some companies where you do not have a great ceo and you have a chairman who has some other power. if that satisfies their shareholders and the company does well, fine. you seem to have the best returns, the best growth, the best strategies. why would you tamper with it. liz: there are shareholder groups who are out there advocating for this, for some reason, they feel that it is important. i look at this and i say, had there not been that trade that went south, jamie dimon would be
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sitting comfortably in the two worlds that he wants. he has expressed he wants to be both. >> why would you want to tamper with a leader. i understand that. most of the time it has been unions were shareholders. i know that personally. liz: you, of course, held both roles. after you left aig, it was split into two roles. liz: do you think that if he leaves, do you think you should leave? >> that is a personal thing. up to him. if he feels he can do the job better both ceo and chairman, he
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has to make that decision. that is a personal decision. in the end, have you spoken with him? >> i have not spoke to him about this. i think it is wrong that they are attacking him this way. liz: don't you at some point they let somebody else deal with the other jobs of this. that would be the chairman. this way you focus on the day to day running of the entire show. i am asking you to play devils advocate. >> i think that you can have a division of responsibility. you cannot have somebody second-guessing you. if you are doing the job right, the results speak for themselves.
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if you are the ceo, you are doing what you think is right and best for the company. always. you do not say i am taking more risk. you would not take more risk or less risk. nothing is, nothing is without risk. yes, there will be some mistakes that go on from time to time. that is inevitable. look at the overall result. do not try to second-guess on one transaction. liz: hank, you're reputation has a long tail. this was stunning. i do not know if you saw this. two governors, one democrat both of new york wrote an ad in the "wall street journal" supporting you and telling the new york attorney general to cut it out.
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they are trying to get you on the stands. meantime, you have already paid a civil, part of a civil lawsuit. $115. i want to read some quotes here and get your response. hank told me he did not know this was coming. you can see exactly how strongly both new york governors deal. the pursuit of injunctive relief against mr. greenberg is a waste of time and money. the greenberg civil litigation concerns the accounting of two entirely separate proper transactions that took place well over a decade ago. finally, the futile pursuit of a dead end case that should never
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have been brought. we call upon the new york attorney general's process to use the powers or wisely and move on to more fruitful cases. what did you think? >> i was obviously very grateful to both governors. i have known both of them for many years. i have not spoken to governor cuomo for quite some time. i was very supportive of him when he was governor. i think the fact that they have correct lawsuits never should have been brought. it was wrong to begin with. it was done by an attorney general. he was seeking to become governor. the restatement that was spoken about was improper. totally improper. still out what would you say to
3:24 pm
the governors i would say both of them for their support and i hope to see both of them soon. i think there was an amazing thing for them to do. they are also doing it for new york state. why would business want to settle here and do business here with the martin act being improperly handled by one attorney general after another. it is absolutely wrong. liz: hank greenberg. thank you very much for commenting first on that. thank you for talking to us. we appreciate your thoughts and your impressions. hank greenberg. closing bell ringing in 36 minutes. is your twitter feed filled with spoiler alerts. if you follow the new york rangers, to find out who won the
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game before you watched it. we have invented a solution. what would you want filtered from your twitter feed so that you could be surprised? tweet me at liz claman. we will show you the responses coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] in your lifetime,
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liz: we've all heard how amazon and hulu are creeping up on netflix in the streaming content battles. really? are they really? we wanted to show you the standings. according to the research firm that's put this together, check out amazon. they are in third place. can you even see it? little guy here. the retail giant barely won more than a percent of internet usage. and then of the three, hulu came in second, little bit bigger, right? 2.5%. and netflix is still the undisputed streaming king. netflix raked in a third of internet traffic so far in this year. so very impressive move. and you guys know, because you're probably using netflix
3:30 pm
perhaps a little bit more. this year alone netflix's stock is up nearly 150% making it the biggest and best winner on the s&p 500. right now netflix is hitting a brand new 52-week high, 232.50. just over the past couple of years it's been as high as 300 plus. nonetheless, looking very healthy. we have to talk about twitter because twitter and the television networks are teaming up to bring more video to your timeline. but fox is going to begin distributing video clips via twitter so that shows like "american idol" will be way more interactive, and twitter is also expanding its partnership with espn whose majority owned by walt disney. but what if there were a show or event that you haven't gotten to see yet, you tivoed it, dvr'd it, and you don't want spoiler alerts, and yet you're constantly checking your twitter, and guess what? everyone's commenting. well, 18-year-old jenny he mare
3:31 pm
developed an app to filter your feed of the spoil beers out there. she presented this idea for a hill holiday tv next hackathon. it was a competition some 80 people entered, and she beat out professional developers. she won $2500 and best in show. she got 45% of the audience vote. so we thought let's bring in jenny when twitter is such big news. she's here in a fox business exclusive from boston. first of all, congratulations. i'm dying to know how you came up with the idea and more importantly, why? entrepreneurs always have a reason. >> yeah. um, well, just all of my favorite tv shows i'm always following the stars on twitter, but if i, um, don't catch the show live, then my twitter feed is just full of spoilers and just countless episodes have been ruined for me because of twitter. so i thought that i would just make this app for myself, and it turns out a lot of other people have the same problem too, so that's kind of cool.
3:32 pm
liz: well, anybody who follows, like me, hockey because now i have both the rangers, and i've got my l.a. kings on the west coast, and i don't want to know when i'm taping the shows -- taping, that's so last millennium, but tell me exactly how it works, jenny. >> yeah. so what you do is you just type in the name of a show, and my app will go through and block all tweets containing the show, they'll just be replaced by a bar so you can't read what the text says, and when you're ready , you hit stop and play, and the tweets will come down like they're new. liz: is it live and ready to go? the how do i download this app? how does this work? >> um, i'm still tweaking it from working on my computer to other people's computers, but it should be done within a few weeks, and it just runs on a web browser like chrome or firefox. liz: how about microsoft explorer? >> no, it will not work on that. liz: ooh! >> sorry.
3:33 pm
[laughter] liz: busted. no, i feel bad for microsoft explorer because they're not getting that app traffic. you're a genius, okay, let's call it what it is. you beat out 80 other people, and by the way, as i understand it, there were only five females innolved in this competition. you won far and wide. have you been approached by anybody? i would think twitter would want you to be part of their family. >> yeah. i'm talking with different companies about internships and with other companies about developing the app further. liz: look at you. i mean, listen, you're going to be one of those kids who is like sergei or larry page. congratulations, jenny. >> thank you. liz: jenny lemaire, she created it. when is it ready to go so we know? >> just a few weeks. liz: twio, sounds a lot like tivo. congratulations. closing bell is ringing soon,
3:34 pm
we're about 27 minutes from the closing bell. speaking of twitter, i'm still trying to get more follow beers than charlie gasparino. now, i have until the end of the quarter to catch up. i need your help. if i lose, i do 50 boy push-ups, if he loses he has to do 50 one-arm push-ups. we want him to suffer. can you please help me? i'm so close. come on, follow me @lizclaman. and coming up next, the aforementioned charlie gasparino back with his take on jamie dimon. now charlie coming in, which way will the shareholders vote? charlie actually has the scoop on this. and, again, vote is seven days away. you've got to watch charlie. ♪ ♪ it's a brand new start.
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♪ ♪ liz: soda stream getting quite the pop today. nicole, this has always been a volatile stock, but the shorts are getting crushed. >> reporter: very interesting, because there were mixed reviews on how these numbers would come out. they came out with their numbers, they did beat the street for the in-home soda maker but not as much as prior quarters. however, they had their first-ever analyst meeting, and after the analysts came out of this meeting, they seem hot on it now. let me tell you what some of them are saying. william blair saying perhaps most notable was the long-term targets. how about oppenheimer? they boost the price target $68, up $8. they like the sustainability of the category of making soda at home. and we're seeing the stock today after the analysts are all
3:40 pm
jumping onboard with positive comments moving to highs. so they are liking the long-term goals here, and year to date it's a real winner, up about 44%. back to you. liz: thank you very much, nicole petallides. okay, so this is a big story here. will he stay or will he go? that's the big question on investors' minds. key shareholder vote approaches possibly leading up to morgan stanley -- jpmorgan, rather, chief jamie dimon relinquishing at least one of his jobs, the one as chairman and maybe ceo as well. charlie, they just want to split it, at least some people out there. >> reporter: okay. the vote is tuesday. just a little backdrop here. the vote is to split up the chairman and the ceo. the good governance people think that's a decent idea since jpmorgan's been hit with a bunch of scandals lately. i think they're minor. jamie dimon says it diminishes his power, and guess what? these scandals are sort of inflated beyond belief. the $6 billion trading loss?
3:41 pm
guess what? they made $20 billion last year. i think this is a concerted attack by people who don't like him. he's been a big critic of the obama administration's policies. liz: two shareholder sort of groups who are speaking -- >> reporter: yeah, there's -- liz: not necessarily political. >> reporter: we don't know yet. you have the good government types, you have unions, you have people that are in the public pension fund movement who are looking to split this job up, and they're looking to do it, basically, to quiet him, diminish his power. it's going to come to a vote, we know it on tuesday. now, here's what i think is going to happen. i'm getting this from people inside jpmorgan. number one, insiders believe that the shareholders will vote in favor of dimon for both jobs. it looks like it's angling that way. who holds the key to this vote? blackrock, you know, larry fink runs it, t. rowe price, i believe. we should point out that larry fink over at blackrock has both the role of chairman and ceo. it's going to be interesting if
3:42 pm
blackrock votes against that. liz: very interesting. you just heard hank greenberg sticking up for jamie dimon. >> reporter: here's an interesting scenario, so you have that. jpmorgan thinks they're going to get through this. say they don't. that's when dimon feels like maybe it's best for me to step down. i do not think from what i hear inside the company that jamie's' just going to leave. i think he's going to appoint a successor. he's always been squirrely about when he's going to leave. he says never, he's 57 years old, he could be there are a while. i think what you'll see is him iteming someone. it's a real possibility he steps down, but it's over a period of time. i don't think he wants to be there if shareholders say he doesn't deserve both jobs. by the way, who does management report to? it becomes convoluted. and i don't think -- if you look at the history of separating chairman and ceo, worldcom,
3:43 pm
enron, huge scandals. liz: horrible. >> reporter: so this is where he is right now. um, i think it's 50/50. that's my reading. i can tell you, people inside jpmorgan seem pretty confident. they might know more than me. last year it was 40% voted, 60% voted for him to stay as chairman and ceo. it's going to be less than that this time. i think it's going to be close. i think it's a good shot he loses and then it becomes what does he do next. i think he will do something next. i think there's a real possibility if he loses -- this is not just bluster, some reporters are saying it's a bluff. it's not. this guy doesn't need that. this guy has hundreds of millions of dollars, he has a team of people that are out there in corporate america. he can put them together, start a boutique broker dealer and do very well for himself. he can go do what he really wants to do -- liz: he's probably saying what do i need this for? >> reporter: i think that's part of it. now, the greenberg thing is interesting, and i think this is what these regulators like these
3:44 pm
guys like eric schneiderman who is new york attorney general and camilla harris, they don't realize if you force jamie out of this thing, right? remember what happened with greenberg when he got forced -- liz: exactly what he just talked about. >> reporter: blew the company up. liz: blew aig up. >> and who knows how better to run jpmorgan than jamie? watch out if that does happen. i think the stock's going to go down dramatically if that happens. we'll see. you know, i just don't think blackrock, which is the largest shareholder, is going to go that step. now, i know they're saying it's an independent process. i don't believe that. i think larry fink controls it still but, man, it'll be interesting. liz: charlie's on it every step of the way. closing bell ringing in 15 minutes. did you know about this? linkedin has a new policy because of prostituting having resumés, they're looking to ban prostitutes from linkedin because thai on it. we have that story next. and earlier in the show we
3:45 pm
asked you what you would filter out of your twitter feed because there were these spoilers for things that you want to wait and watch because you've already recorded them. here's what you said as we head to a break. check these out. ♪ ♪
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liz: breaking news and a market chece are at session highs here. 15,215, big rally on the way. and in just a second, you'll hear from our market guest who, nonetheless, is bearish. he'll say why. in the meantime, cybersecurity
3:50 pm
and internet privacy getting major attention this week. linkedin just rolled out a number of changes to its user agreement informing its more than 200 million members through a notice on the site, and then they gave specific clarity, listen to this, on one point that came to some as a shock. the professional networking web site's new user agreement states -- here it is written out -- even if it's legal where you are located, user may not create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution. bummer. >> oh, drag. liz: apparently, yes, prostitution -- [laughter] was a professional skill you could get endorsed for on linkedin. but no more. this clause is now blocked completely. linkedin had already banned advertising, quote, unlawful services. however, prostitution and escort services fall into a legally gray category, 'cuz it is legal in other countries and in certain parts of nevada. okay, so we found that fascinating, right?
3:51 pm
so no more. over. stock market on fire today, as we just mentioned, hitting session highs for the dow jones industrials, and we've got more than 140 stocks in the s&p 500 trading at 52-week highs. but my next guest with nearly a billion dollars in assets under management says do not be fooled by this rally. we were just making fun of people like him recently, but tim strazzini's different, okay? he has been bullish at the right time. and now when somebody like grow who isn't a broken record like a nouriel roubini striking fear in people's hearts, when somebody like you says i'm turning bearish, i want to know why. >> roubini has turned bullish recently which probably gives strength to my bearish thesis. [laughter] mostly it's just driven by data, right? like the industrial production data, the pmi, that peaked over a year ago, strong again in february. all the industrial data related
3:52 pm
to commercial building of anything has been very weak. so it just doesn't support what we're seeing in the marketplace. so everything tied to housing and residential construction, that's been strong. i think it's the add-on effects of excess liquidity in this market, the $85 million a month bond-buying program, what we're seeing in china and europe and all the central bank actions. so year seeing a reflation of the stock market which definitely helps wealthy people- liz: how about 401(k)s though? >> yeah, it helps them -- liz: my 401(k) finally came back, i feel better. >> yeah. it came back to where it was five, six years ago, and that's not everybody. a lot of people stayed out of the market. so, and you're just not seeing it add on to, like walmart flat comps, right? low-end names like dollar tree, people that cater to the masses just aren't doing well, frankly. so i think the data on the industrial side, so names like emerson, names like abb, names
3:53 pm
like parker hand fin, like real industrial companies that have exposure to europe and asia, the numbers just aren't there to support the current valuation. liz: last time tim was here he picked green mountain coffee roasters. look at the increase. you did extraordinarily well, up more than 30%, and you also had picked electronic arts, both of them looking very good. so you're bullish on two names, well, a couple names, and bearish on two because as we said, we always want to flesh out how a guest feels about these things. where are you bullish and why? >> well, i think it's mostly isolated to the predictable cash flow type companies, and right now you're seeing that the in telco equipment like amt and cci. liz: now, you're talking about telecom towers. >> right, right. so they're benefiting from the explosion of smartphones, frankly. it's a very consistent model. cap ex, build a tower, lease it out and people start using it to
3:54 pm
have a broader footprint of high-speed data and vote. liz: you've got american tower, crown castle international incorporated. you also like a container board space, a couple of names in that one. >> right. and they're benefiting. the container board play is really just a fall on to supply and demand really. so like rkt and international paper and pkg, they benefit from pricing power in the marketplace, so they've had two great earnings cycles. those stooks have been really great year to date. liz: and here are the shorts. refiners. i find that fascinating because it's so limited. three names, we've put them up here. western refining. >> right. they've benefited from really a congestion of domestic oil and a lack of pipeline. so what we're seeing right now is a ton of pipeline coming onboard and differentials in canada come pressing. so now this arbitrage that existed between brent and wti is
3:55 pm
come -- compressing dramatically, and all these stocks are going to soon see the margin come out of the play. liz: we are going to put the picks on page. tim strazzini, great to see you. glad to have him back. closing bell ringing in five minutes. stay tuned, more to come. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small busiss take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ gart why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? [ crows ] but maybe the problem isn'isn't your lawn. introducing the all-wheel-drive mower from husqvarna.
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bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire.
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but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh persctive on hisortfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. david: hello, everybody, i'm david asman on a great market day. all the indices are up again. one would have thought after yesterday's announcement the fed might be easing off that things might slow down in the market, not so. let's go to nicole at the new york stock exchange and start with the sector which are helping, financials. bank of america.
3:59 pm
>> reporter: that's right, financials are leading the way. you're right, dave, we're seeing these financials doing very well, and names like morgan stanley, citigroup and bank of america all hit 52-week highs. it's another winning tuesday, our 18th straight tuesday with up air roars for the -- arrows for dow. liz: tesla, though, after three straight sessions of dramatic moves, rallying more than 90% in the last month, what's up? >> reporter: right. and it's up over 170% this year, pulling that back here late in the day. now it's down 5%, by we've seen it running up. they had a near-perfect score from consumer reports and their first-ever quarterly profits, so far so good for tesla. david: nicole, what happened to apple? it was doing okay, and around midday it had this tumble on heavy volume and hasn't recovered. >> reporter: right. it's interesting because the company posted third quarter profits that missed the analyst efforts. precision industry company.
4:00 pm
and that -- [inaudible] david: that's what did it. liz: here come the bells, david. they are clanging on close to session highs here. david: the dow is up about 122 points right now. s&p is up, that magic 1650 figure. listen, a couple of months ago people said maybe we'll get to that figure at the end of the year. well, heck, we're not even into june yet, and we see 1650 on the s&p. nasdaq is up nicely, although the s&p is the biggest winner with the exception of the russell 2000. the small to mid-sized caps getting a good day today, close to that 1,000 mark. so, again, all-time highs. liz: here's what's making news today. daniel loeb calling on sony to spin off its entertainment arm by taking up to 20% of the unit public. now, look at this stock reaction. while intraday, it's off the highs of the session, still jumping close to 10%. the company has actually responded, and they say that the

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